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Corn Crib Grates Used In Shelled Corn Bin
Nebraska farmer, Art Moeller has been farming long enough to remember the days when most corn was harvested on the ear and stored in cribs. “Our corn cribs had a 2-ft. diameter grate running up the center and smaller half circle grates that extended to the outside so we could slide in the drag when we shelled the corn. They also provided ventilation so air could move through the pile and dry corn naturally,” he says.
  When Moeller switched to harvesting corn with a combine rather than a picker he kept the small half circle grates around his farm beause they were “too good to throw away.” Recently he found a new use for them.
  “I had some problems with clumps and bridging in my shelled corn bins awhile back. The bridging seemed to be right on top of the discharge inlet, which made it difficult to get the corn out. I put a couple of those old metal half circle grates together end to end right over the auger intake in the center of the bin. That way if there was some bridging, it wasn’t going to take place tight to the intake. Now my bins empty without any problems.”
  Moeller says when a bin is emptied to the point where the grates are exposed he can remove them. That way the sweep can make a full circle and empty the remaining corn. Says Moeller, “The solution was simple and didn’t cost me a penny. I hope other farmers might be able to use the idea as well.”
  Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Art Moeller, 2750 E. Chapman Rd., Grand Island, Neb. 68801 (ph 308 382-9669).

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