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Tire Marker Eliminates Costly Skips, Overlaps
New from North Dakota is the Johnson Wheel Marker for eliminating costly skips and overlaps with drills, planters, field cultivators, sprayers and other equipment.
"The tire mark it makes is different from any other marks in your field," explains Roy Johnson, inventor. "The mark is visible up to 40 rods and, when lined up with center of the tractor, makes for easy, accurate driving. It's as easy to follow as the center line down a highway."
The new marker is available in fixed lengths from 24 to upwards of 100 ft. "We also offer a telescoping model for the farmer who wants to use one marker on several pieces of equipment," says Johnson. "It has 3 ft. of overlap in the center and can be made in most any length a farmer would need."
The end wheels are on casters which pivot a full 360? when turning at the corners. A hinged mounting bracket hookup makes it completely flexible to conform to terrain. The tires are on 14 in. dia. rims.
One marker is all that's needed on a drill, disk, field cultivator or other equipment that's driven around and around the field, working towards the center, with the marker always on the inside when turning.
For corn planters or other equipment normally driven back and forth, a tire marker can be installed on each side and a compound winch, cable and push button (located inside the cab) used to regulate them at the field ends, says Johnson.
At present, he's having the newstyle marker custom-fabricated, as orders come in, by a local manufacturing firm. "I'd be glad to visit with any manufacturer interested in taking it on under a licensing agreement, both to produce and market he told FARM SHOW. "Under the present arrangement, we can produce and retail them for about $400 to $450 apiece, depending on length, FOB the factory."
For more details, contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Roy Johnson, 4-J's Mfg., Box 189, Stanley, No. Dak. (ph. 701 628-2081 or 628-2796).

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