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ATV “Seed Spinner” Used On Pastures
Russ Wilson spreads a lot of seed to rejuvenate pastures with the aid of his cattle. Wilson practices mob grazing, counting on cow hoofs to press seed into the ground. So before he turns cattle out into a pasture that needs rejuvenation, he spreads seed.
    “I had a spinner spreader on my trailer hitch, but it didn’t have good control with small seed,” says Wilson. “I had a bunch of old Gandy seed boxes that farmers had tossed, so I built a spinner spreader for one.”
    The Gandy box holds about 45 lbs. of clover seed. Wilson needed a good frame to support it and the spinner. He used a 38-in. long, 1 3/4-in. sq. piece of steel tubing for an upright leg. At the lower end it is bolted to tubing that slides into a front-end receiver hitch. At the top, the leg forms a T with a piece of 1 3/4-in. tubing that is the width of the Gandy Box. Gandy box brackets bolt to the T-bar. Straps attached from the ends of the T to the sides of the front rack provide added support.
    “They snug the leg and box up to the front rack,” says Wilson. “It doesn’t rattle or bang around at all.”
    Wilson picked up a DC motor for $20 and a spinner plate for $10. He mounted those to the end of a 13-in. long piece of 2-in. sq. tubing that is bolted to the upright at about the 18-in. point.
    Seed is metered from the Gandy’s metering system down clear plastic tubes and onto the spinner plate. A 1-in. long, 2-in. dia. pipe gathers the tubes above the plate.
    “The bracket puts the spinner out in front of the leg for a better spread and above my fence jumper,” says Wilson. “The bottom of the Gandy box has a sliding plate to adjust seed volume. I have just 2 switches, one for the metering system and one for the spinner, and both are wired direct to the power outlet on the side by side. I like to keep things simple.”
    Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Wilson Land & Cattle Co., 1532 Stitzinger Rd., Tionesta, Penn. 16353 (ph 814 354-2325; ancattle@gmail.com).

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