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Trailer-Mounted Burn Barrel
“It’s much safer than burning debris out in the open on the ground,” says John Jett, King George, Va., about the portable burn barrel he built out of an old 275-gal. fuel tank. It’s mounted on a small 2-wheeled trailer that he bought from Harbor Freight. He pulls it behind his 4-wheeler.
  Jett cut a door in one end and attached two hinges with angle iron. He made a handle from a piece of heavy metal that he welded to the door.
  Smoke goes out an old grated chimney top that’s welded into a small hole he cut in the barrel top. It keeps rain out of the barrel and ashes in. There’s also a small vent at the bottom of the barrel. To clean out the ashes, Jett tips the tank up and then uses a garden hoe to pull ashes out through the vent.
  “I use it to burn up tree branches, leaves and other yard and garden waste on my property. I can take it right to the debris, load it in, and light it,” says Jett. “My daughter loves walking around using a little mechanical grabber to pick up sticks and put them in the barrel.
  “I had been burning debris in our garden, but I was afraid that sparks coming off the open flames might start a fire in a neighbor’s yard. By law we can’t burn anything outside in an open fire before 4 p.m. unless it’s inside a container, but with my mobile burner I can burn trash any time of the day.”
  To get rid of any oil residue in the barrel, Jett threw a bunch of wood, hay, and feed bags into it and then started a fire that burned for two days.
  To attach the barrel to the trailer he bolted 2 all-thread brackets on front of the trailer and 3-in. metal flanges on back. He paid $120 for the trailer.
  Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, John Jett, 1389 Forest Ridge Dr., King George, Va. 22485 (ph 540 775-2233; barflyhog@yahoo.com).

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