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New Forage Harvestor
Deutz is ready to market this first-of-itskind forage harvester - based on technology developed in the U.S. - that uses high-pressure rollers to compress hay into flat mats that dry fast.
Deutz representatives say the machine lets you cut hay earlier at a higher moisture content and virtually eliminates leaf loss. Mats can then be baled with conventional round or square balers.
The idea was first tried several years ago at the University of Wisconsin. Since then Deutz in Germany and a Canadian manufacturer, Dion Equipment in Quebec, have both been working independently on ma-chines. Last summer both companies took machines to the field. Dion says it still has more work to do on their machine but Deutz claims it will be ready to market their ma-chine on a limited basis in 1992.
The Deutz "Grassliner" is as big as a self-propelled forage harvester, with a 9-ft. rotary disc cutting head in front. As material is cut it's lifted into the combine by conveyor and then run through a series of rollers and presses that make a compressed mat of hay - varying in thickness depending on the crop - that comes out the back of the machine. Because the compression of the hay squeezes out moisture, the mats dry quickly. Hay cut and compressed at 80 percent moisture can be can often be baled later the same day.
Contact FARM SHOWFollowup,Deutz-Fahr Erntesysteme Gmbh, Postfach 1264, KSdeistraBe 1, D-8882 Lauingen/Donau, Germany (ph 09072 710; fax 72 71300).

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