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How To Keep Wooden Fascia Boards On Houses From Rotting
  George Burkhardt, San Antonio, Texas: “Wooden fascia boards on houses and other buildings tend to rot near corners and intersections. Replacing the boards is time consuming and expensive, and removing the rotted portion of the wood and replacing it with wood filler is only a temporary fix.
  “For a permanent fix, remove the rotted wood with the rotary rasp on a drill. Dilute fiberglass resin with one part acetone to 4 parts resin, then add 14 drops of fiberglass hardener for each ounce of total solution (acetone plus resin). Apply the diluted resin liberally to the area of removed wood and let it harden, then apply Bondo body filler to fill the recessed area.
  “If you’re working on a vertical surface and want to keep the filler from flowing away, temporarily affix duct tape to the board and then remove it after the filler has hardened. The filler can then be easily sanded and painted. The secret to this permanent fix is the diluted resin. It soaks into the wood, forming a hardened base that the filler adheres to.
  “I’ve used this idea on many parts of the fascia boards on my house, some of them relatively large areas. I’ve seen no rot on the treated areas in more than 30 years.”

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