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“Quick And Easy” Insulated Panels
“They eliminate the labor and cost of putting in stud framing and fiberglass batts, and are also very heat efficient,” says David Stoltzfus, Marshall, Ind., who’s a dealer and installer for Econo-Panel insulation panels. He installs the panels within a 100-mile radius of his home, but says a lot of customers also install their own panels.
    The panels come with a 2-in. Styrofoam insulation core with a white metal surface and interlocking tongue-and-groove edges, with a weather strip inside to seal out all air. They’re available in 18, 21, and 24-in. widths and lengths from 8 to 24 ft. Special “pan head” screws are used to attach the panels directly to wooden posts or 2 by 4’s.
    The panels can be used to insulate interiors like basements, shops, and garages, but are also designed to use in exterior applications such as exterior siding on farm shops, pole barns, garages, and sheds.
    “We’re finding new uses for these panels all the time,” says Stoltzfus. “They’ve been used to line cold-storage rooms and are even strong enough to be used as shelving. They work great for insulating pole buildings. Instead of having to install 2 by 4 studs and then adding fiberglass batts between them and some kind of plywood or metal on top, you just screw the panels onto the side girders or posts.”
    Stoltzfus says the panels were recently used on a wall partition built to divide the unheated warehouse portion of a customer’s building from the heated shop portion. “They installed 2 by 6 posts every 9 ft. and then screwed the panels to the posts. It eliminated the need to put studding in every 2 ft. the entire width of the building.”
    The panels are available in several different R-values. “The lowest R-value of R-8 is about the same price as regular metal siding and much stronger. If you take advantage of our quantity discounts, the cost drops to quite a bit less than regular metal pricing,” says Stoltzfus.
    “Econo-Panel insulation panels replace studding, fiberglass batts, and a top covering at a fraction of normal material costs and also reduce labor costs dramatically,” he adds.

    Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, David Stoltzfus, Econo-Panel Insulation, 5605 East High Bridge Road, Marshall, Ind. 47859 (ph 765 597-2033).

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