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“Made It Myself” Cage Watering System
Caleb Howerton of Springfield, Mo., needed a more efficient way to water his rabbits than continually refilling water bottles. So he came up with an automatic watering system that provides water for 8 rabbit cages at once.
  The watering system uses a 5-gal. bucket as the water reservoir. The bucket sits above the cages on a stand. A 1/2-in. dia. pvc fitting is inserted at the base of the bucket to feed water into lengths of straight 1/2-in. pvc pipe that runs horizontally the length of the cages. Holes drilled in the pvc at each rabbit cage accommodate screw-in hose barbs that are sealed to the pipe with silicon. A length of plastic hose runs from the hose barbs to a watering nipple that is attached by small springs to the side of each rabbit hutch. To make the watering system winter-proof, pipe insulation can be wrapped around the pvc pipe and bucket.
  While Caleb uses his watering system for rabbits, it can also be used to water other small livestock kept in cages or hutches, such as chickens or quail. This system can also be adapted to accommodate larger numbers of animals by running the pipe fittings to a large drum or plastic barrel instead of a bucket.
  Contact: Farm Show Followup, Caleb Howerton, 1603 N. Delaware Ave., Springfield, Mo. 65803.

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