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Small Tractor Used To Move Big Carports 
With a few chains, pieces of 2-in. pipe, a tractor with a front-end loader, and a bush-hog mower, Phil McIntyre has moved several carports in the Montgomery, Texas, area.
    He came up with the idea when he needed to move his own 18 by 40-ft. carport. With a metal roof and 2-in. sq. tubing frame it was a fairly heavy structure.
    “We thought about just dragging it on its skids,” McIntyre says, but he feared the jerking motion would damage the building. He and his cousin, Carl Romero, decided to get under the carport instead with a 50 hp Massey Ferguson tractor.
    He ran a chain from the skid rail on one side over the bucket (while in the down position) to the skid rail on the other side. He ran another chain over the bushhog in back.
    To stabilize the frame and keep the sides the same distance apart, he used two joints of 2-in. metal pipes that fit between the skids at the ends of the carport. For each end he hooked a chain around one skid, ran it through the pipe and secured the chain to the skid on the other side.
    He got on the tractor and lifted the bucket and bush hog to raise the carport about 4 in. off the ground. He backed up with the structure around him and took his time. He made a couple slow turns to place the carport about 150 ft. away.
    While McIntyre had helpers holding ropes attached to the outside of the carport as a safety precaution, he says he could have moved the building all alone.
    “This was all done with stuff we had on the farm. It would have been expensive to get someone to move it or tear down and then rebuild it,” he says.
    When word got out about his moving method, he got a few calls.
    “I’ve moved carports for three other people,” he says.
    Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Phil McIntyre, 11278 Majestic Dr., Montgomery, Texas 77316 (ph 936 447-6602; philmcintyre@yahoo.com).

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