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Home-Built Stump Grinder Gets The Job Done Safely
FARM SHOW reader Michael Reedy contacted us to say that he was inspired by a homebuilt stump grinder featured in a past issue of FARM SHOW (Vol. 36, Issue 6). The Powell, Tenn., resident had about 20 stumps around his home, and his mother had a large 4-ft. sugar maple tree stump in her yard.
  Reedy built the frame from scrap steel. He already had a 9 hp side shaft motor to power it. For the cutter wheel, he purchased 12 Rayco stump-grinder teeth from Baileys (www.baileysonline.com) and bolted them on a 48-tooth, No. 60 chain sprocket with 5/8-in. grade 8 bolts.
  “I mounted the motor and cutter wheel to a 3/8-in. steel plate that slides to adjust belt tension. I added a clutch wheel (with a golf ball handle) to tighten the belts while operating and a kill switch on the handlebars for safety,” Reedy says.
  He also cut a guard out of two layers of a 15-gal. plastic barrel to cover the cutter wheel to stop flying wood chips.
  Making a machine safe to run was important to Reedy, as the grinder is operated by his best friend Rickey and his son. Reedy is in a wheelchair so he doesn’t operate the grinder himself.
  A 2 3/4-in. pulley on the motor and 4 1/4-in. pulley on the cutter wheel shaft provides about 2,000 rpm’s to the cutter wheel.
  “Rickey, who is only 160 pounds, says it works well, and he can handle it without straining,” Reedy says. “Since it’s only 9 hp, he has to be careful not to put too much pressure and stall it out.”
  The stump grinder operates by pushing the grinder wheel down by lifting up the handlebars made out of bent 3/4-in pipe and moving them side to side. Despite its relatively small size, the grinder can take out a 12-in. hardwood stump that is 6 in. tall in about 15 minutes.
  With less than $400 invested in it, Reedy says the grinder paid for itself just getting the stumps out of his yard.
  Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Michael W. Reedy, 225 Over Mountain Lane, Powell, Tenn. 37849 (ph 865 805-7119; mreedy06@comcast.net).

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