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Lightweight Portable Sawmill
“It has a stiff frame to keep it cutting right at all times, yet weighs less than 280 lbs. which makes it easy to transport,” says Al Pollard about the new Bantam-26 portable sawmill.
    The sawmill is powered by a 900 series Briggs and Stratton engine (a Honda 10 hp engine is also available). It may be trailer-mounted. Twelve feet of steel track allow the operator to cut logs up to 10 ft. long, with 2 log dogs holding the log securely. Additional track sections are available. The saw can cut boards up to 21 in. wide and square logs up to 26 in. in dia.
    “Many small, lightweight portable sawmills lack rigidity and flex too much while cutting hard wood,” says Pollard. “To compensate for that, some manufacturers just add more steel to make their sawmill stiff, which results in added material and weight. The Lumbercut 21 is stiff, yet its design makes it light enough to be easily portable.”
    Design features include a self-locking winch used to raise and lower the saw head, which rides up and down on 4 metal posts to keep the saw head stable at all times. A magnetic blade thickness gauge makes it easy to cut boards at a consistent thickness up to 6 in. The gauge starts at zero for each cut. A lever disengages the blade from the drive belt and also automatically shuts off the blade lubrication system when the blade is disengaged. The blade lubricating system includes a 2 1/2-gal. tank and applies water to both the top and bottom of the blade.
    “An optional $95 moving accessory allows one person to move the Lumbercut 21 as easily as moving a wheelbarrow,” says Pollard.
    The Bantam-26 sells for $2,499.
    A track kit is standard for anyone who wants to supply their own 2 by 2 by 1/4-in. angle iron, or you can buy a 12-ft. bolt-together track from the company (2 sections of 6-ft. long track).
    Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Lumber Smith, P.O. Box 266, Irvington, Va. 22480 (ph 804 577-3613; www.lumbersmith.com).

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