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Combine Header Feed Wagon
When Dennis Murphy, of Circle, Mont., needed a wagon for feeding chopped hay, he didn't have to look any further than the old 12-ft. Case combine header he junked a while back.
By adapting a pto-drive to the original header driveshaft, Dennis has developed his own self-feeding, tractor powered hay wagon. He added sheet metal sides to the header frame for holding large loads of hay. The original header "infeed" auger moves feed out of the wagon and onto the ground, into regular feed bunks or into old tire feedbunks.
A smaller auger mounted above the main feed auger handles bridging problems. This small auger only runs when a rope is pulled from the tractor. When bridging occurs, a tug on the rope engages a belt tightener, starts the small auger and breaks up the plugged hay.

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1982 - Volume #6, Issue #1