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Power Drill Used To Lift Endgate
Eldon Bagwell lifts his endgate the easy way - with his battery-powered drill. The drill lets him transport his mower back and forth to a nearby cemetery that he keeps mowed.
    “After I developed a heart problem, the doctor said I could use my mower, but I could no longer lift the endgate/ramp on my trailer,” says Bagwell. “I couldn’t mow the cemetery if I couldn’t haul the mower.”
    Bagwell got busy with a spare winch, some angle iron and a couple of pulleys from an old weight machine.
    “At first I tried a come-along, but it was too slow and hard to control when letting the gate down,” says Bagwell.
    He used 2 by 2-in., 3/8-in. angle iron for a vertical leg, bolting it to the side rail and the bed rail of the trailer and just ahead of the endgate. He cut the angle irons to match the height of an eyebolt attached to the gate in the vertical position. He mounted one pulley near the top of the angle iron and a second one to the angle iron just above the side rail.
    “I mounted the winch to the side rail about midway on the trailer’s length,” says Bagwell. “The cable runs through the 2 pulleys and hooks to the eyebolt on the endgate.”
    To speed the lift action, Bagwell removed the hand crank and put on a nut, locking it in place.
    “I use a 12-volt Bosch drill with a socket on it to raise and lower the gate,” says Bagwell. “It works like a dream. For someone who can’t lift a heavy endgate, it may be just what they need.”
    Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Eldon Bagwell, 23502 Trails End, Hindsville, Ark. 72738 (ph 479 789-5713).

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