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Processor Unit Upgrades Older Forage Harvesters
You can upgrade your forage harvester with a new processor unit from Lebanon Ag Services (LAS). The processor is available for many makes of pull-type harvesters. The finer grooves and opposing diagonal design, combined with a 40 percent speed differential, shreds corn silage more thoroughly.
  “Our customers told us they wanted to do a better job of processing than was available on the market,” says Mervin Bowman, Lebanon Ag Services. “There is quite a demand for older forage harvesters, and farmers cutting their own corn want a processor for it.”
  Bowman was aware of a company that makes replacement rolls that offer a superior cut. They have opposing spiral grooves with a shearing or scissoring action. Other processors that have straight grooves on the rolls have more of a chopping action. The scissoring rolls also have more grooves per inch, which means finer teeth for a better cut.
  “We got permission to use the rolls in a processor that we would make,” says Bowman.
  While the rolls were key components, Bowman tackled several other improvements to OEM processor designs. His heavy sheet metal shields with welded seams swing away for easy access to the rolls. The processor itself can be removed quickly by loosening drive belts and removing 8 bolts. This gives easy access to chopper knives without dropping the cutter head to open the cutter head cover.
  “Service was in our mind from the beginning,” says Bowman. “We wanted to make it easy to service the machine.”
  The LAS processor design also makes it easy to adjust rolls to a precise gap to match crop and conditions and operator preference. A safety stop prevents roll teeth from touching, even if the lock nut loosens accidentally. Heavy-duty springs maintain a constant roll gap, even in heavy crop conditions, while allowing broken bolts, knives or other items to pass through with less damage to rolls.
  “Our processor fits later model New Holland forage harvesters built with processors in mind,” says Bowman. “Older models are easy to adapt for mounting our processor. Deere harvesters require more modifications, but our kit comes with everything needed.”
  The LAS processor ranges in price from $6,800 to $7,500 (Canadian dollars) depending on model. The company has dealers in Ontario and a few in the U.S., with one each in Wisconsin, Pennsylvania and New York.
  “We are looking for more dealers,” says Bowman. He also noted that the current currency exchange makes it a good time to buy Canadian made equipment.
  “The U.S. dollar is worth $1.37 Canadian, so it is very favorable for U.S. buyers at this point,” he says.
  Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Lebanon Ag Service, 8450 Line 3 RR3, Listowel, Ontario Canada N4W 3G8 (ph 519 291-6802).

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