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How To Keep Moisture Out Of Storage Tanks
“Our new disposable Drierite® dryer completely dries displacement air entering poly liquid storage tanks. It’s an economical way to protect any contents that are water sensitive,” says Chris Costello, W.A. Hammond Drierite Co., Ltd., Xenia, Ohio.
  Costello says that whenever a tank is drained from the bottom, “displacement” air gets sucked in from the top, and the moisture in the air can contaminate the tank’s contents with mold and corrosion. Drierite contains a desiccant in a sealed cartridge that absorbs any moisture from the displacement air before it enters the tank.
  “Only dry air enters the tank,” says Costello. “The device can be used to protect everything from diesel fuel to liquid fertilizer and bulk chemicals, even grain.”
  The Drierite kit includes a 10-lb. cartridge and a rubber drum adapter that attaches to the tank’s fill hole. The cartridge mounts on a metal bracket that attaches to the metal cage surrounding the tank, or it can be placed on top of the tank’s fill hole. “Mounting the cartridge on the side allows you to stack tanks and still use the system,” says Costello.
  To activate the cartridge the operator just removes tape from holes at the top and bottom of the cartridge.  
  According to Costello, Drierite works great on diesel tanks and is especially useful with biodiesel fuel, which is especially prone to mold.  
  Drierite systems are available for tanks ranging from 55 gal. on up to 1,000,000 gal.
  The Drierite kit sells for $67.20 plus S&H. “Once you buy the kit, the only part you’ll ever have to replace is the cartridge, which sells for $29.20,” says Costello.
  Costello says one horse owner has even used the system to keep the grain stored in their silo from getting moldy. “We use the Drierite on big commercial feed bins all the time. This horse owner is just using a variation of that idea,” says Costello.
  Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, W.A. Hammond Drierite Co., Ltd., Xenia, Ohio (www.drierite.com; ph 937 376-2927; drierite@aol.com).

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