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Emergency Well Tube
If you can tie a secure knot and lift 8 lbs., Michael Mixon has a way for you to get water from your well when the electricity is out. He came up with the Emergency Well Tube after thinking about how he could get water in an emergency situation.
  Mixon researched and found products that required removing the pump and wiring from the well casing. That didn’t seem practical.
  So he experimented with a variety of valves before settling on a float valve that’s fitted to the bottom of three 2 3/8-in. dia. pvc pipes. The threaded pipes are screwed together, a rope is securely tied through two holes at the top, and the tube is lowered into the well. None of the mechanical components need to be removed or changed in the well casing.
  “When it reaches the water, it fills from the bottom. When you begin pulling it up, the water and gravity seals the valve,” Mixon explains.
  All his testing was done on 6-in. dia. wells, but if there’s 2 1/2 in. of clearance, the well tube also works in 4-in. wells, he says.
  The tube holds about half a gallon of water. That may not seem like much, Mixon notes, but most people can repeatedly lift 8 lbs. and not be worn out like they would with heavier loads.
  On his website, Mixon has a video and explanation of how to remove the well cap and use clean buckets to collect water and to store and wind the rope to avoid debris from getting in the well. Depending on the water and treatments required, the collected water can be poured through a water filter or boiled before it is used.
  Mixon sells the Emergency Well Tube for $85 (including shipping) anywhere in the United States. Canadian and international sales are handled through an eBay link. Besides online orders, customers can place an order by mail or over the phone.
  Customers run the gamut from people in the suburbs that have wells to rural homeowners to preppers concerned about long term power outages.
Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, MBM Enterprises of VA, LLC, P.O. Box 20023, Roanoke, Va. 24018 (ph 540 632-0433; www.emergencywelltube.com; michael@emergencywelltube.com).

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