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Easy Way to Check Bin Temperatures
Latest new way to check the temperature of grain stored in grain bins is through "Bin Holes", invented by Jim Shilling, of Knox, Ind.
Bin Holes can be installed on any standard corrugated grain bin wall having a 2.66 in. or greater horizontal corrugation. "Installed at the proper angle, rain can't enter the bin and grain can't run out," says Shilling. Besides the angle, a rubber gasket at the end of the 3/8-in. galvanized pipe keeps out moisture.
Using the holes, Shilling notes that you can easily take grain temperature tests using his Agri-Therm probe.
The probe is 4-ft. long and connects to a read-out meter.
Shilling suggests installing 5 or 6 Bin Holes of a height of 3 to 4-ft. in a 30-ft. bin.
Installation involves drilling an 1 1/16 in. hole, inserting the Bin Hole from the inside of the bin, attaching the gasket and nut, and tightening.
Bin Holes sell for $13 each. The probe sells for $109 and the meter for $175.
For more information, contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Jim Shilling, Agri/Therm, R.R. 4, Box 22, Knox, Ind. 46534 (ph 219 772-4311).

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