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Tractor Mirror Gives Driver Rear Vision
"Business s booming," reports Jerome :Klingler, inventor and manufacturer of Culti-Vision, a large tractor-mounted mirror that gives the driver "rear vision" without having to turn his head to monitor a rearmounted cultivator.
"We've sold over 6,000 units in 20 different states," he told FARM SHOW two weeks ago. Plans for marketing the mirror through a major farm equipment distributor were being finalized as this issue went to press.
Culti-Vision, which was first featured in FARM SHOW two years ago, has caught on fastest with owners of rear-mounted row crop cultivators. But it's also popular with sugar beet growers who use it in conjunction with beet lifters to help the tractor driver keep the lifter exactly on the row so it doesn't veer off and damage beets.
Culti-Vision comes with brackets for easy mounting and is compatible with all factory-made cabs, both in terms of mounting room and the driver being able to view the mirror from inside the cab. Standard models are made available for mounting on either the right or left side of the tractor.
"We offer left hand units for the farmer whose tractor has a battery.or other obstruction in the way for right-hand mounting; for the farmer who wants a unit on each side; or the farmer who's left handed and prefers having a single unit on his left rather than his right side," Klingler points out.
"Just about anybody can cultivate and do a good job with Culti-Vision," he notes. "In many cases, farmers whose wives or youngsters were having trouble getting the hang of operating a rear-mounted cultivator report no problems whatsoever once they equipped their tractors with a Culti-Vision mirror. Inexperienced operators seem to get along fine when they can look forward into the mirror and see what's going on behind their backs."
The mirror measures 9 in. wide and 15 in. long. Dust settling on the face of the mirror to obscure vision hasn't been a problem, says Klingler. There is a protective door which can be closed while driving on gravel roads to prevent rock damage.
Retail cost of Culti-Vision, which comes painted black for good compatibility with all tractor colors, is $75. Individual mirrors are equipped with a short "row guide" steel rod that serves as a steering marker for the driver and can be mounted on top the mirror, or below.
For more details, contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Klingler Mfg., Box 442, New Ulm, Minn. 56073 (ph 705 359-9849).

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