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Burn Right Mini Incinerator Works Great To Burn Out Tree Stumps
We’re the manu-facturer of the Burn Right™ Hi-Temp Mini-incinerator previously featured in FARM SHOW (Vol. 35, No. 1). It’s designed to burn trash but we’ve found that it also works great to burn out tree stumps. The incinerator’s round shape makes it ideal for this job, and your yard waste is the fuel so there’s no cost.
  Just put the incinerator over the stump, fill with yard waste, and burn the stump out. The angle grates at the bottom of the incinerator (which are designed to hold burnables off the ground for increased air flow) can be removed so that the incinerator’s base ring lays flat on the ground. The incinerator will contain all burning embers so you can burn stumps safely.
  Here’s a tip - driving copper nails into a new stump will stop any further growth. Also, drilling holes into the stump like you would when tapping a tree to make maple syrup will dry the stump faster. (Ron Wilfer, Burn Right Products, ph 262 227-5727;sales@burn rightproducts.com; www.burnrightproducts.com).

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