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“Built With Quality” IH Carb Kits
Steiner Tractor prides itself on parts, with more than 5,200 products stocked in their 45,000-sq. ft. warehouse, many of them made by the company. They’re especially proud of their new comprehensive carburetor kits for Farmalls.
  “Our goal is to produce premium kits,” says Dan Steiner. “Our kits have 90 percent of the internal components of a carburetor, so customers don’t have to piece their own kit together. A lot of kits are incomplete, and many use throttle shafts with plastic index stops. We have the original steel design.”
  Steiner offers carburetor kits for a wide variety of Farmall tractors including the M, H, Super H, MTA and more.
  Steiner says aftermarket parts are traditionally about getting a bargain. That is the way Steiner Tractor Parts began in the 1970’s. Started by his father Dave as a salvage business, he soon began making low-cost, hard-to-find parts. With a background as a finish carpenter, Dan changed priorities when he took over.
  “We changed the focus to produce the best quality possible, not the cheapest part,” he says.
  Parts made by the company go through a rigorous process. Prototypes are designed with a CAD program on the computer and then produced in plastic with a 3D printer, measured and checked for accuracy and then installed on a tractor to ensure fit. Only then is it produced in the appropriate metal and tested in a working tractor.
  “Every part we produce goes through 14 steps of development with an electronic history of who signed off on what,” says Steiner. “Quality control for every part we distribute has 7 steps. Every part that is returned is documented and reviewed.”
  In the case of carburetors, parts are tried on the original tractors for which they were made. A tractor is fired up and run on a dynamometer. While they don’t have a formal testing lab, Steiner feels it’s the next best thing.
  “We try to buy original tractors to test parts on,” says Steiner. “We also have some sophisticated equipment, including hand held spectroscopy. There is always room for improvement. We try to do better all the time.”
  Steiner has 10 employees in quality control and 4 in the technical department. They each have decades of experience to back up the advice they share with customers. The company website is designed to share that knowledge with product details, specifications and instructions on installation.
  The website offers a wide range of videos and other support materials. Steiner says the company tries to make a new video weekly on everything from identifying parts to replacement and installation. However, it is parts that drive the business.
  “We encourage customers to offer reviews of parts online,” says Steiner. “We welcome feedback and constructive criticism.”
  Free 2016 catalogs are available from the company.
  Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Steiner Tractor Parts, 1660 S. M-13, Lennon, Mich. 48449 (ph 800 234-3280; sales@steinertractor.com; www.steinertractor.com).

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