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Auger Gearbox Used To Start Dead Tractor
Maurice McCutchan collects old tractors that often won’t start after sitting unused for long periods of time. The collection includes a pair of Minneapolis Molines.
    He didn’t want to tow the tractors to start them because that requires another person, and it can be hard on the tractor’s starter and ring gear.
    To solve the problem, he uses an old Mayrath grain auger to start the dead tractors through their pto shaft. He bolts the gearbox to a metal bracket that hooks up to the 3-pt. hitch frame on his Kubota tractor. The gearbox is driven by the Kubota’s pto and hooks up to the dead tractor’s pto.
     He engages the pto on the Kubota tractor with the Moline’s transmission in neutral, which turns the engine over to start.
  “The engine oil is on top of the pistons so the engine doesn’t turn real hard. It turns at a consistent, slow speed so that I can work on it even with the spark plugs removed. That way I can check the oil pressure and also work on the carburetor and set valves and tappets, and so on,” says McCutchan.
  “The gearbox I use turns in the right direction to crank the dead tractor. Going the wrong way would ruin the engine. I use the turnbuckle on the Kubota’s 3-pt. top link to hold the gearbox level.”
  Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Maurice McCutchan, 2025 150th Ave., Aledo, Ill. 61231 (ph 309 372-8940; mmccutchan10@gmail.com).

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