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Automatic Shutdown For Tractors, Combines
You can tell youngsters and inexperienced help to watch oil pressure and water temperature when they're operating your machinery but there's no way you can be sure they'll do it.
Automatic shutdown controls manufactured by Murphy Manufacturing Inc., Tulsa, Okla., act as a cheap insurance policy that's guaranteed to shut down machinery if problems develop. The controls consist of water temperature and oil pressure gauges with needles that have electrical contact points on them. As soon as the needles reach the danger zone which you can preset a solenoid-activated valve in the fuel line is activated. It shuts off the fuel, killing the engine before damage can occur.
"We've sold these for years for use on irrigation and other unattended engines but they've never been widely promoted for tractors and combines," says Art Murphy, president of Murphy Safety Switch of California, Inc., a division of Murphy Manufacturing. "Now that farm machinery has gotten so expensive and extremely complicated, there's a need for protective controls."
The company has hundreds of switches that'll monitor other engine and machinery operations such as vacuum pressure, hydraulic pressure, coolant levels, vibration, and so on. Gauges can be packaged together to monitor whatever equipment necessary.
The WD-300 package of gauges is the standard automatic shutdown for diesel and gas engines, monitoring oil pressure and water temperature. According to Murphy, it can be installed in a half an hour or less on most equipment. It sells for $100.25. Less expensive controls are available with an alarm rather than a shutdown solenoid.
For more information, contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Art C. Murphy, Murphy Safety Switch of California, Inc., P.O. Box 788, Palmdale, Calif. 93350 (ph 805 272-4700).

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