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Fuel Can Spouts Replaced With Plastic Pipe
I have a bunch of plastic fuel cans that originally came with flexible accordian-type spouts, which deteriorated after a few years. I replaced them with 3/4-in. dia. CPVC plastic pipe by cutting off the flex part of the old spout. I left the base of each spout so I could fit a piece of pipe into it. I cut about 3/8-in. off the end of a pipe fitting and slipped it over a piece of 3/4-in. pipe so I could slip it into the old nozzle stub. I glue that into the old nozzle. Then add a 45 degree L and another short pipe and a pipe cap on the end. You can glue the pipe together because the entire assembly will still pivot on the cap. This cheap do-it-yourself nozzle doesnt leak.

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2016 - Volume #40, Issue #1