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Box Scraper Fitted With Transport Wheels
Doug Creswell recently bought a Brinly tow-behind box scraper designed to be pulled behind a riding mower. “It works great on my crushed rock driveway. But it didn’t have wheels and couldn’t be transported from my barn to a work site without scraping along the way,” he says.  “I contacted the company to ask if they offered a wheel attachment kit to solve the problem. They said ‘no’ and didn’t seem interested in pursuing the matter. So I designed and made my own. It works great. My bet is that others who have bought a scraper like mine would like to know how to add wheels.”
  He added a pair of 6-in. rubber wheels to each side of the scraper, mounting them on a 1/4-in. thick steel bar made by cutting a 3-pt. hitch stabilizer bar down to about a 10-in. length. Each bar is fastened to the scraper by a double-nutted bolt that runs through a hole drilled into the scraper. Creswell drilled 2 more holes a few inches apart, one above the other, at the back of the scraper and also drilled a corresponding hole in each bar. A bolt can be inserted through either hole in order to change the position of the wheel.
  “I run a bolt through the top hole to put the scraper on the ground, and through the bottom hole to lift the box off the ground for transport,” says Creswell, who adds that he has a diagram of the modification and would be happy to email it to anyone who’s interested.
  Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Doug Creswell, 16401 Camalo Dr., Mount Airy, Md. 21771 (ph 410 489-5832; doug.creswell@gmail.com).

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