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Hay Tool Add-Ons Developed On The Farm
Kyle Sueltz says his mechanical engineering training comes in handy in his family’s hay fields. “We started growing alfalfa as a cash crop 8 years ago, and there were some headaches that came with it,” says Sueltz. “We’re now selling the products that solved those problems.”
  One product is his haybine header reverser kit that was featured in Vol. 38, No. 3. His two new products are The Silencer for rake wheel teeth and the Rock Block for rotary mower conditioners. Both were the result of problems in the field.
  “We bought a new rake and didn’t want to destroy it in corn stalks,” says Sueltz. “We came up with The Silencer as a way to reinforce the rake teeth and dampen the vibrations as the teeth come off ground contact.”
  The Silencer consists of 1-piece plastic bands that slip over the teeth and bolt together on the ends.
  “If the teeth are in good shape, installing The Silencer takes about 5 min. per wheel,” says Sueltz.
  Sueltz says the bands reduce damage in rough conditions. They also enhance the aggressiveness of the rake teeth in hay fields.
  “We’ve had customers who were breaking 100 teeth a year report they are down to virtually none,” says Sueltz. “We’ve found the teeth don’t skip over as much hay in the field, and they are much quieter as they flex over the ground.”
  Concern over rocks thrown forward from a rotary mower/conditioner that strike the operator’s tractor led to development of the Rock Block. The Rock Block is a 1/4-in. thick, multi-layer, rubber fabric that mounts a few inches ahead of the OEM curtain.
  “The Rock Block sections fold forward from the implement to allow easy access to the machine,” explains Sueltz. “They are also longer than the OEM curtains and heavier duty than most.”
  Sueltz says the Rock Block takes about an hour to install. They are priced from $400 to $800 each, depending on size of the mower/conditioner.
  The Silencer is priced at $36 to $46 per wheel, depending on the make and model of the rake.
  Check out a video of Hygrade Engineering hay tools at FARMSHOW.COM .
  Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Hygrade Engineering, 39605 120th St., Columbia, S. Dak. 57433 (ph 605 396-7418; www.hygrade-engineering.com).

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