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Skid-Steer Attachment Beds Free Stalls Fast
Jerry Miller has a quick way to chop bedding and spread it in free stalls and other loose housing pens.
  “Our straw chopper tray can hold several small square bales or sections of large square bales,” explains Miller. “When the tray tips up and locks in position, the bales feed down by gravity into the rotor.”
  Miller got the idea for the chopper from a customer several years ago.
  “He asked us to make something that would let him use up some first cutting hay that had gotten moldy before baling,” says Miller. “We’ve been making them for others ever since.”
  The rotor is fabricated from angle iron bars with mower sections welded to them. The sections stick out past the grill, grabbing straw and pulling it in. The sections are staggered to ensure they cut the length of the rotor arms. The rapidly spinning arms also serve to propel or blow chopped material into place.
  The hydraulic motor running off the skid-steer’s auxiliary outlet gives the operator full control of both chopping and blowing.
  “Most of our customers use it to spread straw into free stalls or calf sheds, where they put down a light layer each day,” explains Miller. “Lots of straw choppers will put the material in a pile. Ours puts it where you want it.”
  Miller’s straw chopper sells for $1,750 plus shipping.
  Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Jerry Miller, 2030 S. 050 W., Lagrange, Ind. 46761 (ph 260 463-3136).

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