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Website Puts “Makers” And Customers Together
If you want something made - or have the skills to do custom work for others - the new website www.Dun4Me.com may be the place to go. It’s an online marketplace where “makers” can bid on projects proposed by other people. For BurnTables (Vol. 37, No. 3) co-founder Kyle Riggen, the website solves a problem for that company and creates an opportunity for its customers.
  “We kept getting calls from people who heard about our CNC plasma cutting tables and wanted us to make things for them,” says Riggen. “We couldn’t do it, or we would be competing with people who had bought our machines. So we would try to put them together with one of our customers.”
  Riggen and his co-founder Matt Kool realized a website was needed to put craftsmen together with people who needed their services.
  “My wife is active on the website Pinterest, where people post projects,” he says. “She finds things she wants me to build, but I don’t have the time or passion. She has already ordered production of 3 items from craftsmen visiting our site, and I’ve ordered several also.”
  Riggen sees it serving an important role for anyone needing special skills. “A lot of craftsmen need a part or item they can’t make for themselves,” he says. “Others have the skills to make stuff but need to find customers who can use their services.”
  Dun4Me has only been in business 4 months and has already had more than 1,000 hits. He cites one of the most unique projects yet posted as an example.
  “A user wanted a Star Wars replica light saber,” recalls Riggen. “It required special skills to pull it off. That’s what we hope for with this site, that it will connect people with skills with people who need them.”
  Contact: www.Dun4Me.com.

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