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Revolutionary Splitting “Shear”
Walter Rodler hopes to prevent thousands of injuries every year while also improving performance of every kind of log splitter with a new knife-style “shear” that slices through logs without throwing them out to the sides like a conventional splitting wedge.

    The Canadian inventor says he got tired of getting hit by split logs exploding out to the side when split by wedges that are wide at the back. He spent years experimenting with his new design to get just the right angle to slice logs apart in a way that leaves the split chunks of wood sitting on the splitter table.

    According to Rodler, benefits of the new design include: less power needed; reduced maintenance costs for mechanical and hydraulic parts; less fuel used; smaller hydraulic cylinders can be used; less hand and finger injuries by not having to have your hand on the log when splitting; reduced tension when hitting a knot, reducing flying debris; and the ability to make kindling strips with the splitter.

    Rodler says the splitting shear can be fitted to any existing splitter and he’s working to put it on the market. He may also offer his own line of splitters, including an all-terrain splitter designed to be easily towed off-road. He has received both U.S. and Canadian patents on his new log shear.

    You can see a video of the log shear in action at www.farmshow.com.

    Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Walter Rodler, P.O. Box 695, Debert, Nova Scotia, Canada B0M 1G0 (ph 902 641-2114; swrodler@eastlink.ca).

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