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Followup To IH Refrigerator Story
I laughed when I read the article about IH freezers and refrigerators in the last issue of FARM SHOW.  Back in the mid 1950’s when I was growing up on a farm near Limon, Colo., my folks bought a huge chest-type IH deep freezer.  They lugged it down into our house’s basement through the outside entrance, since the freezer was way too big to go through any of the doors.  And there it sat, humming away and keeping our frozen food safe year after year after year.  I think it only had one or two service calls, probably to recharge the Freon, during the 50-plus years after we bought it. 
  Well, the years passed; mom and dad passed on too, and left the farm to their 5 kids, but the old IH freezer just kept on chugging. In later years, after 2000 perhaps, we began to brag to ourselves and to others about that wonderful freezer which just kept going and going and going for all those years. 
  But, like anything else, the old freezer finally gave its last gasp and stopped working.  That was back in 2010.  So, we dragged it up out of the basement, up those same old concrete outside steps where it had come in. Getting the freezer out required the use of a loader tractor and the 3 boys in our family that were just little kids when it came in. 
  But the real joke was on us when the electricity bill for the farm went down about $50 a month after the freezer finally died.  Heck, with all the money we spent on electricity to operate the freezer over the years, we could have bought 10 new freezers and still had money left over!
   So, anyone who’s still using one of those old IH refrigerators or freezers might want to try unplugging it for a month or two, and take a close look at their electric bill.
  Thanks for your good work at FARM SHOW.  I greatly enjoy the magazine. (John Ottem, Broomfield, Colo. jottem@q.com)

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