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Homemade Snow Dinosaur
My daughter Payten and I had a lot of fun building this snow dinosaur last winter, which stood along a highway in front of our house. He was about 25 ft. long, 9 ft. tall and painted green. We called him our “snowsaurus Rex”.    We used broom sticks to make a rough frame for the arms and head and then packed snow around it. To make the teeth we sharpened up some carrots and spray painted them white, then strung the carrots from a stiff wire and used smaller pieces of wire to hold them in place.
  To make the head, we packed a 10-gal. bucket full of snow and let it freeze solid. Then we removed the block of snow from the bucket and used a sawzall to carve the head out of it. Apples served as the eyes.
  To paint snowsaurus Rex we poured food coloring into a spray bottle.
  Our big green snow dinosaur made it into 3 or 4 local newspapers and was all over Facebook. For 2 weeks people would constantly stop by and take photos. Most children loved him, but a couple of real little kids got scared and cried. (Steven Simpson, 9601 North U.S. Hwy. 231, Quincy, Ind. 47456 ph 765 712-0930; roadking231@icloud.com)

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