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Cornhead Chainrolls Cut And Size Stalks
As today’s corn farmers raise planting populations and produce more crop residue per acre, new ideas surface each year to improve harvest management. At the 2015 Farm Progress Show, 360 Yield Center, an Illinois company, introduced new cornhead chainrolls that cut and size stalks as they’re pulled through the rollers.
  The company says this design of small interacting teeth goes beyond the knife rolls and modified snapping rolls that are currently on the market. The stalks are precisely cut and the pieces are crimped and scored to expose the interior microbes, allowing faster decomposition. Remaining longer residue sections are connected like a small chain so there aren’t clusters of small, confetti-like pieces in a field. The longer pieces break down well and still provide excellent soil holding action to reduce wind erosion.
  Each pair of 360 Chainroll units work together for exact and specific stalk laceration. The rolls have a combination of claw-like cutting and chaining flutes that create incisions in the stalks as they move through the rollers. The interaction and rotation of the rollers create the chain-like residue pieces.
  The goal in designing the rollers was to create a better environment for soil microbes to break down stalks, which leads to improved soil health and better nutrient availability for ensuing crops. The patented chainrolls are made of high strength wear resistant steel. Retrofits are currently available for Deere 40, 90 and 600 series corn heads. Chainrolls for other brands will be available in 2016.
  360 Yield Center says its Chainrolls are an excellent way to manage residue without going to the expense of a chopping corn head. They work well in all conditions and don’t require the maintenance or the power of a chopping head.
  Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, 360 Yield Center, 300 West Queenwood Road, Morton, Ill. 61550 (ph 309 263-4360; www.360yieldcenter.com).

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