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Portable Harvest Hopper Reduces Combine Downtime
When Bob Koerselman had to wait for a grain cart to arrive while combining, he had a brianstorm. What was needed, he decided, was temporary field-side storage. Unlike most combine operators, he could do something about it.
    “He farms, but he also owns our company,” explains Ken Streff, vice president, Sales and Marketing, Demco Manufacturing.
    Koerselman’s solution was Harvest Link, a 3,000-bu. holding tank on wheels. The tank is 12 ft. wide, 133 in. tall on the low side and 150 in. tall on the high side. The 56-ft. trailer can be towed in transit with the front end carried on a 3-pt. hitch. When positioned for use, the rear tandem axles are retracted hydraulically, lowering the tank to the ground.
    “We’ve worked on it since 2012, trying different designs and concepts until we introduced the Harvest Link this past summer,” says Streff. “Our biggest challenge was a design that would allow semis to park in one position and load without repositioning.”
    The company’s answer was an auger with a 36-ft. reach and both fore and aft motion. Not only can it fill the length of a trailer, but when parked alongside a road it likely can extend to trailers parked on the road.
    Operated by a tractor providing pto and hydraulic power, the 333 bu. per min. auger can fill a standing semi trailer in less than 3 min. Joystick controls offer immediate response.
    The control system automatically opens and closes grain flow doors in the Harvest Link according to load on the orbit motors that power the augers. Capacity of trucks to be loaded can be entered into the on-board scale system. When a truck arrives, touching the pre-programmed weight on the control screen starts the process. When Harvest Link has unloaded the preprogrammed amount, it closes grain flow doors to empty the augers.
    The Harvest Link system communicates via radio frequency with the grain cart scale system. The patent pending scale system tabulates a gross total field weight. It allows a grain cart to unload into Harvest Link while it is loading a semi without loss of data.
    Streff says the company is taking orders for the 2016 season. Two units were in place on farms during the 2015 season, and both operated smoothly, according to Streff.
    While farmer reception has been very positive, he acknowledges that farmers who have seen Harvest Link in action have already suggested a need for a larger capacity.
    “The controlling factor for why we went with 3,000 bu. is the constraints of moving from field to field,” says Streff. “Even delivering anything bigger from the factory would have been difficult.”
    The suggested retail price for Harvest Link is $200,000.
    You can see a video of Harvest Link in action at www.farmshow.com.
    Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Demco Manufacturing Co., 4010 320th St., Boyden, Iowa 51234 (ph 712 725-2311 or toll free 800 543-3626; www.demco-products.com).

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