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Rotating Bird Feeder Is Remote Controlled
By flipping a switch inside his house, Denis Desjardins, Alcove, Quebec, can rotate the bird feeder mounted just outside his living room's picture window to bring small song-birds into view, and to scare away larger undesirable birds.
"My wife and baby daughter really like it because they can turn the feeder to see birds that would otherwise be hidden on the far side of the feeder," says Desjardins. "Small songbirds aren't afraid of the slow rotating motion of the feeder but larger birds are spooked and fly away. The feeder is easy to move and inexpensive to build. My only cost was $26 for the motor."
Desjardins welded a flat 6 by 6-in. steel plate to the top of a 1-in. dia. steel pipe and bolted a 110-V rotisserie motor (the type of motor used to barbeque meat) to it. He replaced the long rotisserie rod with a 2-in. long rod. The rod attaches to a second steel plate that bolts to the bottom of the feeder. A wire runs from the motor down through the pipe and then underground to the house.
For more information, contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Denis Desjardins, RR 1, Alcove, Quebec, Canada J0X lA0 (ph 819 459-2548).

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