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First Of Its Kind Cable Tree Weeder
"It does a fantastic job weeding around and between trees in shelterbelts and orchards as well as around fences and vineyards," says Paul Bezzerides, manufacturer of a new cable tree weeder that uses knives mounted on the ends of lengths of 7/8-in. dia. steel cable to cut and rake out weeds.
The cable weeders mount on 5-ft. dia. ground-driven wheels carried by a hydraulically controlled frame. The fully-adjustable weeder wheels are positioned at a slant to the ground, the angle of which can be changed to adapt to the size of the berm under the trees or fence. The carring frame moves the entire wheel assemblies in or out as needed to weed two rows of trees at once.
Each weed-weeding cable end is fitted with two metal teeth. One digs into the ground, pulling the wheel around and the other - mounted about 4 in. from the end of the cable - is a cutter tooth that slices through weeds.
Bezzerides, who also manufacturers the Spring Hoe Weeder for controlling weeds in row crops, says the flexible cable on the new tree weeder works its way around the base of trees without causing damage. "It even weeds around plastic drip hose with no problem. Cable ends bend and flex easily and yet they're strong enough to last for years with minimum wear," says Bezzerides.
The two-wheel iig mounts on a tractor 3-pt. and sells for $7,500. Can also be adapted to run on the front of tractor.
For more information, contact, FARM SHOW Followup, Bezzerides Brothers, 14142 Ave. 416, P.O. Box 211, Orosi, Calif. 93647 (ph 209 528-3011).

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