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Trailer Helps Ailing Dog Keep Doing His Job
“I’ve been confined to a wheelchair for 7 years. My dog Jake was abandoned as a puppy on the road in front of our farm about a week before I got my wheelchair. Since then he’s gone everywhere with me and does alot of little chores for me, like picking up things I drop,” says Mike Reedy, Powell, Tenn.
  “Unfortunately, Jake has hip displaysia and can’t keep up with the golf cart I use to get around the farm. Sometimes he would arrive home 30 min. after me because he couldn’t keep up.
  “After seeing Jake suffer, my dad and I fabricated a one-wheeled trailer that’s easy for Jake to hop into. After about a week of encouragement, Jake now rides with me everywhere I go. He even sleeps in the trailer while I’m working in my shop.
  “The trailer’s tongue is hinged on both sides, allowing the trailer to swivel from side to side. Its caster wheel is also hinged, allowing the trailer to ride smoothly up and down over bumps. The caster wheel causes the trailer to follow directly behind the golf cart as I back up,” says Reedy.
  He bought the caster wheel from Northern Tool and Equipment. “Everything else that I used came from my scrap pile or hardware cabinet,” notes Reedy.
  Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Mike Reedy, Powell, Tenn. 37849 (ph 865 805-7119; presley50@aol.com).

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