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Company Specializes In “Everything Carburetor”
Daytona Parts Company prides itself on having everything you need when it comes to carburetors from present day to as far back as 1925. The company website offers more than 100,000 records of carburetors, kits, and parts, both domestic and foreign. Daytona Parts also provides repair services.

    Call or write for parts or use the “Find Your Carburetor Kit” tool on the company website. High-resolution images let you compare yours with ones in stock to ensure you find the exact carburetor you need.

    The company specializes in restoring carburetors to OEM specifications, but with ethanol resistant parts. Simply ship the faulty carburetor to Daytona Parts. Carburetors are totally disassembled, including bases and passage plugs. Components are cleaned in hot tank solutions. Zinc castings and aluminum castings are dichromated for protection against oxidation. Steel linkages are cleaned and replated. Base assemblies are cleaned, painted or black oxided. Parts are then reassembled with new gaskets, pumps, needles, seats, clips etc. Factory bench adjustments are performed, and after adjusting, the carburetor is packed with a new base gasket and air cleaner gasket, if needed, for shipment.

    Kits for do-it-yourself restoration also come with ethanol-resistant parts to match today’s fuel mixes. Kits include an Accel pump, needle and seat, gaskets, check valves, clips, springs and other small parts.

    Daytona also offers its own float valve design that it claims will prevent flooding due to dirt, rust or excess fuel pressure. Standard tapered steel or Viton needle floats can develop a wear groove that prevents proper seating due to engine vibration, age and road shocks. The Daytona float uses a fluorocarbon disc that seats on the inverted flair end of the orifice. It has no wear points. It also eliminates the need for a large float drop, as fuel level is maintained in the bowl from idle through top speed.

    Daytona also markets its own barrel carburetors. Available in 2 models, it features a fully adjustable, external high-speed main jet, along with adjustable throttle levers for quickly changing high-speed jetting and throttle arm setups. It is designed for fine-tuning any application for fuel/air mixtures on the high speed circuit and is especially suited for dual or triple carburetor installations.

    All models are manual choke only. However they fit nearly any automotive or industrial application from the early 1930’s to present day and feature ethanol resistant parts.

    Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Daytona Parts Company, 
1191 Turnbull Bay Road, 
New Smyrna Beach, Fla. 32168 (ph 386 427-7108; 
mail@daytonaparts.com; www.daytonaparts.com).

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