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Nerf Football Used To Plug Exhaust Stack
 “A simple Nerf foam football works great to keep debris out of the exhaust stack on tractors and other self-propelled machines while transporting them. It also keeps turbochargers from turning and burning up bearings,” says Gary Nix, Mountain View, Wyo.             
  He uses a knife to cut a football in half and then squeezes it down into the exhaust pipe.             
  “As an excavating contractor, I’m often hauling machines such as scrapers, excavators and loaders down the road on lowboy trailers, going from job to job,” says Nix.
     “We have about 40 different machines to haul around, and many are turbocharged. We have to plug the exhaust on each machine in order to keep the wind from rotating the turbocharger. The machine’s engine isn’t running and it isn’t pumping any oil so if we didn’t plug the exhaust, the turbocharger bearings could burn up.   
  “It works slick. Once I start the engine to drive the machine off the trailer, the football pops out and I put it in a sack and store it in the truck for the next time.”   
  Nix says the same idea can be used with machines that aren’t turbocharged, to keep rain and debris out. “Nerf footballs come in two different sizes and of course they’re tapered, so you can adapt them to just about any size of exhaust,” he says. “For exhausts larger than 5 in. in dia. you may need a Nerf basketball to plug the hole.”
  Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Gary Nix, P.O. Box 607, Mountain View, Wyo. 82939 (ph 307 780-8080; garynix@gtnix.com).

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