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Vacuum Digger Makes Holes Fast
This vacuum-powered digger doesn’t just dig a hole fast. With the help of a shop vac, it also sucks away the loose dirt. It was originally designed for a special contract with the California Department of Transportation.
  “The California DOT needed a way to safely remove dirt to install a locking system to prevent copper wire theft along the freeways,” says Lee Barton at Factory Direct Fastening. “We designed the Steed Digger to do the job with 2 cutting heads for 4 and 8-in. dia. holes. It can dig an 8-in. dia. hole 24 in. deep in under a minute.”
  Since the design is size neutral, the company is considering scaling up with larger bits and vacuum systems. The current model needs only a regular shop vac to work.
  The Steed Digger consists of a 4-ft. tube with a bit at one end and a set of sliding handgrips and a Y-connection at the top. The Y includes a connection for a shop vac tube and a thresher blade for breaking up plugs should they occur.
  The operator twists the cutting head, slicing through dirt and roots alike. The sliding handgrip allows the operator to work up close to walls, poles or obstacles. Dirt is vacuumed up the tube and into the canister for later dispersal.
  Because the cutting motion is hand controlled, it allows for more sensitive digging. The operator can feel an underground cable or tubing before cutting into it.
  Should a plug occur, a hand crank at the top of the “Y” can be used to rotate the thresher blade inside the tube, breaking up the material. It can also be used to move the blade vertically to speed breakup.
  Barton says the Steed Digger has already found many uses. It speeds digging post holes, drilling holes for deep irrigation of tree roots or drilling multiple mulch basins for gray water systems.
  The Steed Digger is priced at $500 plus shipping. Check out a video at www.farmshow.com.
  Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, FDF Corp., 5655 Cahuenga Blvd., 
North Hollywood, Calif. 91601 (ph toll free 800 942-4844; sales@fdfcorp.net; www.thesteeddigger.com).

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