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Kit Replaces 8-Ft. Fluorescent Lights With CFL Bulbs
If you’re tired of spending money and time replacing the fluorescent lights in your farm buildings, this new kit lets you very easily convert them to energy efficient compact fluorescent (CFL) light bulbs or LED bulbs - and save money in the process, says Retro-Bright Corp. of Bainbridge, Ga.
  The kit is designed to convert existing T-12 or T-8 fluorescent strip lights to screw-in CFL or LED bulbs. The kit uses your light’s existing wiring and framework and snaps on in place of the old ballast cover. You throw away the old bulbs, ballast and cover.
  The kit includes two 4-ft. fixtures, which will convert one 8-ft. T-12 strip light, or two 4-ft. T-12s. You just hook up 2 wires and snap the kit onto the old housing, and then screw in the CFL or LED bulbs.
  “It’s a simple conversion that most people can do themselves,” says John Sims with Retro-Bright Corp. “You don’t need any ballast or special bulbs, and you save on electricity. But most of all, you’ve reduced your future maintenance to the simple changing of a commonly available bulb.”
  According to Sims, due to new lighting mandates required by the Department of Energy, 8-ft. fluorescent strip lights are being phased out and someday in the near future you won’t be able to buy them, so the kit offers an early start by retrofitting your existing lights. However, he says those new regulations aren’t the main reason there’s a lot of interest in the kit.
  “In test marketing, the number one complaint we heard from people is they’re tired of putting money into fixing the ballast and replacing the bulbs on their existing lights. They’re also tired of constantly hassling with lights that don’t work properly and make humming noises or flash on and off. The Retro-Bright kit offers a convenient alternative to repairing or replacing existing T-12 lights and makes changing light bulbs a much easier task. There are no special bulbs to replace, and you don’t have to contend with ballast issues.”
  He says the conversion kit costs 25 to 40 percent less than a new replacement fluorescent lighting fixture. “Since CFL’s are a lot more energy efficient than fluorescent lights, you’ll also save on your electric bill,” says Sims. “The CFL bulbs are just as bright as the original fluorescent bulbs but are cheaper to operate.”
  Each Retro-Bright kit sells for $39 plus S&H. The kit includes two 4-ft. fixtures, which will convert one 8-ft. T-12 or two 4-ft. T-12s.
  Retro-Bright also offers kits to easily convert fluorescent office lighting fixtures to use CFL or LED bulbs.
  Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, John Sims, Retro-Bright Corp., P.O. Box 251, Bainbridge, Ga. 39818 (ph 229 254-0799; sales@retro-bright.com; www.retro-bright.com).

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