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Package System For Handling Fertilizer
Just about everything you've always wanted in a high speed, labor saving system for handling dry fertilizer in the field at planting time is wrapped up in a 3-part package introduced by Weber Steel and Body, Vassar, Mich. It features:
1. Auto-Fill auger which automatically fills planters or grain drills with dry fertilizer. It's easy to mount on virtually all makes and sizes of grain drills and planters (including the IH Cyclo planter). The auger motor runs in either direction, allowing you to fill from either end.
2. The Port-O-Box hopper for hauling bulk dry fertilizer to the field. It's made of exterior grade plywood and equipped with a 10 ft. auger that folds in the middle. Unloads at the rate of 750 lbs. per min. and will also handle pelleted feed, wheat, oats and other feed stuffs.
3. Custom built truck box. It has unique corner post inserts and folddown sides, allowing it to be converted from flatbed to grain box in only 5 min. The hinged sides allow for side loading or unloading. The versatile rear endgate can be hinged at the top or bottom, or can be removed completely without affecting stability of up to 22 ft. grain boxes.
"You can buy the complete package or whatever pieces you need to tie into your present system," explains Albert Scherzer, manager of Weber Steel and Body.
Here's a closer look at key features of the system's individual components.
The 5 in. dia. Auto-Fill auger has slot openings and is suspended 2 in. above the fertilizer hoppers. As fertilizer is loaded into it (at either end) the hoppers fill automatically in series. When the first hopper is full, the slot opening plugs automatically to send material to the number 2 hopper, then to number 3 and so forth until all hoppers are full. Standard models fit 4, 6, 8 and 12 row planters, and most grain drills. For the International Cyclo planter, a special adaptor is available which allows the horizontal fill auger to pass through the central seed hopper without interfering with normal operation of the planter itself.
The Port-0"-Box is 7 ft. 2 in. wide and is available in 12 or 14 ft. lengths. The 12 ft. box holds 7 to 8 tons of dry fertilizer, depending on analysis, and the 14 ft. box 9 to 10 tons. A chainring combination mounted inside the box allows the complete unit to be
lifted on and off the truck with a tractor loader.
Designed for moving a lot of material in a short time, the Port-O-Box is equipped with a 4 in. horizontal auger, and a 5 in. take-away auger. The folding take-away auger is 10 ft. long and folds in the middle for down-the-road transport. A special valve allows the horizontal auger to be driven in either direction.
Scherzer notes that, although the flighting in both the horizontal and vertical augers is made of steel, corrosion is no problem - "provided the owner follows our proven recommendation for keeping it corrosion proof".
Here's the treatment which Scherzer says will "corrosion proof" most any steel auger used for handling corrosive dry fertilizer: "Wash out the box and auger and let dry for a day or two. Then, auger through completely three times a solution of .21/2 gal. of waste engine oil mixed with 21/2 gal. of sawdust, oats or cracked corn cobs. Run this solution into the auger and leave it all packed in the auger during the winter months. The secret is in using waste crank case oil. It doesn't evaporate away as does fuel and diesel oils," explains Scherzer.
The top end of the vertical auger is equipped with a rope-control mechanism, allowing the operator to start the auger for automatic filling of the hoppers while he loads seed into the planter boxes. When the fertilizer hoppers are full, he can pull the rope to shut off the auger without having to walk back to the truck.
The Port-O-Box is made of plywood and will not rot if properly painted and maintained, explains Scherzer. It has 30? sloping sides - enough to facilitate complete selfcleaning without bridging problems. It comes with a special pre-fitted tarp.
Cost of the plywood Port-O-Box builk fertilizer hopper (14 ft.) is $1,995, including tarp, hydraulic mo

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