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“Re-Baler” Packs Hay Into Sealed Plastic Bags
Lauren Morton of Ken Mills Engineering, an English equipment manufacturing company, says “there’s a good market for companies and farm operations to package hay and bedding products in small bags. Realizing that, our company recently introduced a baler/packer that mechanically re-packages materials from large square or round bales into 45 to 60-lb. bags. Those bags are easy for one person to handle and also convenient to palletize for bulk delivery or storage.”
  The Trojan CC haylage breaker and baler is actually a 2-part machine. The “breaker” tears apart large square or round bales and deposits it onto an angled platfom conveyor about 4 ft. wide. A chain with 4-in. long fingers pulls the material up the conveyor and deposits it onto the scale platform, which meters the correct weight of material into the baler. The baler pushes the material through a rectangular chute that forms the material and pushes it into a bag. An operator removes the filled bag, seals the top and places it on a bag conveyor.
  “The system produces neat and compact bags that are easy to handle and ideal for resale,” Morton says. “The packaged material has a long shelf life because it’s completely sealed from outside air.” The plastic bags can be plain or be printed with visuals and text to identify the product inside.
  Morton says the machine is very popular in the U.K. and Europe where smaller farms can handle feed in a bag without using a tractor, loader or other machinery. The machine also works to re-package chopped straw, hemp, wood shavings, shredded paper, cardboad and other plant material. One person can operate the machine efficiently at small capacity, and 2 people are needed for full capacity. The Trojan is available in different sizes that pack from 100 to 180 bags per hour. It can be equipped with high efficiency de-dusting equipment that eliminates 95 percent of the dust and mold spores. Morton says the company has 2 machines working in Canada and is looking for U.S. distribution. Pricing depends on the size and capacity of the machine purchased.
   Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Ken Mills Engineering Ltd., Unit 9, Greenvale Business Park, Littleborough OL 15 9FG England (ph 011 44 706 756500; www.kenmills.co.uk).

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