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Quick Mount Ball Hitch
Mark Boswell, Carbon, Iowa, got tired of switching the ball hitch between his pickup and his tractor so he made a "quick-mount" ball hitch for his tractor.
The hitch can be installed on the tractor drawbar in less than 10 seconds. Boswell uses it mainly to pull his hog trailer.
"It saves time and extra wear and tear on my pickup," says Boswell. "I don't want to use the pickup to pull the trailer when the yard next to my hog building is muddy, or when I have to load hogs or cattle in a muddy pasture. But removing the ball hitch from the pickup and mounting it on the tractor is a chore, and if you don't do it frequently the hitch `freezes' on the pickup. My homebuilt hitch eliminates the need to remove the ball hitch from the pickup, and it can be installed in seconds without tieing up the tractor drawbar."
Boswell cut a 10-in. length of 3-in. sq. steel tubing, leaving the ends open. He drilled one 5/8-in. dia. hole all the way through the tubing and a 1 1/4-in. hole through just one side. A 2-in. ball fits in the bigger hole and is welded in place. A pin goes through the smaller holes, and the drawbar, to hold the hitch in place. The threaded bolt below the ball (and inside the tubing) slips into the back hole on the drawbar.
To install the ball hitch Boswell slides the tubing onto the drawbar until the threaded bolt under the ball drops into the rear hole of the drawbar. He then drops in a 4 1/2-in. hold-down pin and secures it with a cotter pin.
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