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Simple Round Bale Kicker
"It's simple and it works," says Dick Derr, Winfield, Kan., who came up with an idea for a simple round bale kicker with no moving parts that "bumps" the bale far enough behind the baler to shut the endgate. No need to backup each time before ejecting the bale.
"I got tired of grinding gears and spending time doing something that's basically a waste of time. New Holland has come out with a bale kicker but it's much more complicated than this idea," says Derr.
He simply extended two pieces of channel iron out from the baler axle on either side of the back of the bale chamber. The channel iron extends about 22 in. behind the back of the baler and about 16 in. below the platform belt. A 2-in. dia. heavy cross pipe runs between the two channel iron pieces, attached to the bottom edges of the channel iron (see drawing).
When the bale is ejected, it comes rolling out, hits the pipe and is "bumped" far enough behind the baler to shut the rear baler gate. "The hardest part was figuring out how far behind the baler to position the pipe. This idea should work with any baler. Last year I made 700 bales up to as large as 1,700 lbs. with no problems," says Derr, noting that the most important thing is to mount the channel iron pieces securely enough to withstand the jolt of the ejected bales.
Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Dick Derr, Rt. 3, Winfield, Kan. 67156 (ph 316 221-2255).

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