Home Built Hydraulic Drill
Robert C. Beecher, Livonia, N.Y., made his own hydraulic drill using an old hydraulic motor and miscellaneous parts.
"Works great to crank silo unloaders up to the top of the silo in place of slow-moving electric drills that often burn out. You can also use it in place of a pto shaft to unload a forage box. It's got plenty of power and is safer than a pto," says Beecher.
The first step is to buy a small hydraulic motor at a salvage yard. Then in some fashion attach a metal pipe across two of the mounting bolt holes on the motor so the pipe extends several inches out from both sides. To accomplish this, Beecher first made a bracket to fit in the holes and then welded a pipe to the bracket. Once attached, the pipe serves as a carrying handle for the drill.
The second step is to attach a coupler to the motor's output shaft. Put a short stub shaft into the other end of the coupler and fasten a drill chuck to it. Then run light-weight hydraulic hoses - Beecher suggests 25 ft. in length - from the drill to the tractor.
"We use it for drilling chores in the field. You can reverse direction either by moving the hydraulic lever on the tractor or by switching hoses," says Beecher.
Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Robert C. Beecher, 3450 Livonia Rd., Livonia, N.Y. 14487 (ph 716 346-3780).

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1987 - Volume #11, Issue #4