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Automatic Gates For Farm Vehicles
"I've been experimenting with various types of automatic gates for several years and feel that this design is one of the most dependable, lowest priced automatic farm gate ever invented."
That's how Donald Wedekind sizes up the new spring-operated, drive-over gate which he designed and is now manufacturing commercially. "It can even replace conventional cattle guards," says Wedekind, who offers a choice between an electric fence model and a non-electric model.
As a vehicle goes over the electric model, the gate's four hot wires are pushed to the ground so the vehicle can cross. After crossing, the springs pull the gate back to normal height.
The non-electric model has two crossbars to hold livestock in. As a vehicle passes over the gate, the crossbars raise up and out of the way without touching the vehicle.
"A key feature of the electric model gate is that it requires no under-ground wires," says Wedekind. "It has been my experience that most gates that use underground wire aren't very effective after a few years. One of the main reasons is that the constant pulsating of an electric fencer causes the underground wire to short out after a period of time. Instead, we use above-ground wiring."
The springs that hold the gate are hung from either steel or woodenposts. Height of the gate can be adjusted by hooking a chain from the drive-over ramp to the spring at the desired level.
Wedekind says simple installation is another advantage to his automatic gates, especially compared to cattle guards. "With a cattle guard, you have to spend up to a day digging a pit and putting in a frame of some kind," he explains. "But our 12 ft. drive-over gate sets up in minutes and can be used any place, including feed yards, hog lots and pastures."
Price for a 12-ft. electric fence cattle gate is $145. A 12-ft. electric hog gate is $99. The difference is that the cattle model has an accessory bar to help hold cattle in. The bar raises out of the way when a vehicle crosses. The non-electric 12-ft. model, for either hogs or cattle, is $200.
Another automatic gate Wedekind developed is for center pivot irrigation systems. It is 4 ft. wide and lowers to the ground as the pivot crosses over. Springs pull it back up after the pivot crosses.
Although it can take up to 20 min. for the pivot to cross and the gate to close, cattle don't get out because they tend to stay away from the sprinkler system, according to Wedekind. Price is $29.50 each.
For more information, contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Wedekind Manufacturing, Route 1, Box 134, Lindsay, Neb. 68644 (ph 402 447-2700).

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