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Side-Mount Mower Trims Steep Pond Bank
“I got tired of using a weedeater to control weeds and tall grass on the banks of my farm pond, so I built an offset hitch for my Pug ATV that hooks up to a modified push mower. Saves a lot of time and is easy on my back,” says Denis Bergschneider, Urich, Mo.
    The hitch consists of a 2-in. dia. galvanized pipe that bolts to the ATV’s front bumper, and to a metal bracket that supports a 13-in. caster wheel on front of the mower. Bergschneider cut the pipe at a 45 degree angle in 2 places and then welded it back together, inserting a bushing and a bolt to form a pivot point that lets the hitch swivel up or down.
    He removed the mower’s front wheels and also cut away the front part of the deck, allowing it to do a better job of cutting tall grass and weeds. The pto universal joint off an Allis Chalmers round baler is attached to the bracket, allowing the deck to swivel to follow the contour of the bank. A metal tube attached to the universal joint fits into a 1 1/4-in. receiver hitch that’s bolted to the deck.
    “It works smooth and saves at least 2 hrs. compared to using a weed eater,” says Bergschneider. “I use it with a 15-year old Sears Craftsman 6 1/2 hp, 21-in. cut mower that has never failed to start. The mower’s front wheels originally sat 2 in. inside the deck. By removing them I’m able to cut a wider area. I replaced the mower’s rear wheels with 10-in. solid tires to make the mower pull easier.”
    The caster wheel bolts onto a flat steel plate that Bergschneider welded to the hitch. He also ran a metal brace diagonally through the floor of the ATV to reinforce the hitch.
    “When I’m done mowing, I pull a pin from the receiver hitch on the deck and fold the hitch up against the ATV. Or I can remove the hitch from the ATV by pulling 2 bolts,” notes Bergschneider.
    Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Denis Bergschneider, 1474 N.W. 150 Road, Urich, Mo. 64788 (ph 660 351-5442).

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