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Quick-Tach Front And Rear 3-Pt. Hitch
Alfred Jeffery found a way to hook up 3-pt. implements fast, front and back. On the back end, he upgraded existing 3-pt. arms. For the front end, he built a quick-attach frame to go on his front-end loader arms.
  “I welded a steel plate to the 3-pt. arms on the rear with a mouth on the top side to catch the pins,” says Jeffery. “I just back under the implement pins and lift up.”
  Once the pins are seated, Jeffery drops keeper bars over both pins and locks them in place. The keeper bars pivot on a bolt ahead of the pin mouth and “pin” through a hole on the extensions.
  Tired of looking over his shoulders when operating 3-pt. equipment, he decided to use his front-end loader arms for mounts.
  “I bought a 3-pt. hitch from Harbor Freight and converted it to connect to the loader like the loader bucket does,” says Jeffery.
  The Harbor Freight 3-pt. already had quick-attach hooks for the pins on the implements. Jeffery added a tip plate and base plates. He can tip his loader’s bucket mount into the 3-pt. hitch, lock it in place and work his 3-pt. attachments off the loader arms.
  Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Alfred H Jeffery, 590 700 S., Mount Pleasant, Utah 84647.

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