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Fix Tires Fast Any Place
Pneu-Tek Tire Tools Ag Kit takes the tire shop to the field with everything you need to change out a tire. No more waiting hours for tire service or hauling wheels to town. All you need is an air impact wrench or air socket, and you’re in business.
    “What got us going developing the Ag Kit was a guy doing a service call, spending 6 hrs. on what should have been a 15 min. job with the right equipment,” says Sandy Ochoa, Pneu-Tek Tire Tools. “Increasingly, people living in rural areas have to drive 50 to 100 miles to get a tire fixed. With our equipment, they can do their own.”
    Ochoa made his name in the tire business developing the Cheetah Bead Seater. The Ag Kit consists of a Demounter, Bead Breaker, two Bead Keeper Tire-Locs, a Bead Wedge and several mounting bars.
    The Demounter works like a hand-held tire machine. It can be used on 10-in. ATV tires on up, including hard to handle 19.5 reverse hubs and grader tires.
    Tire-Locs work as bead keepers. They replace commonly used vice grips that often don’t hold under moving pressure. The Bead Wedge reduces bead damage and stretching while demounting tires with stiffer sidewalls or in cold conditions when rubber is less flexible.
    The Ag Kit sells for $1,545. The price is $2,123 with the addition of a Wheel Mounter PRW to demount the second bead on flotation tires and similar width or wider tires.
    “One farmer came up to me at a farm show and said the Ag Kit was the best investment he ever made,” says Ochoa. A friend with a tire service told me that without the Ag Kit, he would have quit doing tires a long time ago.”
    Ochoa’s latest addition is a tool for changing small pneumatic tires. “A guy said he had tried changing his lawn mower tire and couldn’t do it,” says Ochoa. “He took it to the tire shop, and they couldn’t do it. Now we have a tool that will do it.”
    Now 77, he still likes the challenge of solving problems, such as with 19.5 tires for motor homes and 1-ton trucks. He notes that they are difficult to do with a tire machine, but his tools can handle them. They can also handle big floater tires.
    “We’ll even buy a tire and bring it into our shop to work on,” he says. “We’ve had floater tires the tire shops can’t do with 3 guys working on one. We’ve brought it in here, and I can do it by myself.”
    Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Pneu-Tek Unlimited, 505 24th St., Alamogordo, New Mexico 88310 (ph 575 439-1561 or 575 430-9361; info@pneu-tek-unlimited.com; www.pneu-tek-unlimited.com).

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