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Plastic Covers Solve Deere Shift Problem
Randy Smith says Deere forgot to make a cover for an exposed circuit block on its 5425 tractor. He discovered the problem when he borrowed a friend’s tractor and was warned the shuttle drive only worked occasionally unless the pto was engaged.
  “A Deere mechanic came out to check it, and it worked...while he was there,” says Smith. “I did some digging and found some corroded fuses on an exposed fuse block right above the axle. I called Deere to order a cover, and they said no cover existed.”
  Since he had a milling machine in his shop, he decided to make his own cover. At first he thought to make a 2-part mold and cast plastic in it. After noticing a welding stick that had been dipped in Plasti Dip, he decided to try a dip mold. He got busy with a block of aluminum, milling it down to the right size and shape.
  “I emailed Plasti Dip and asked what release to use, but they said it wasn’t made for dip molding,” recalls Smith.
  He checked the internet and found one fellow who had used plastic wrap over a mold. Smith decided to try silicon spray first, and if that didn’t work, he would try the plastic wrap. The silicone spray worked.
  “I sprayed the mold and let it dry and then dipped it,” he says. “It took about 4 dips with half an hour in between each. Aside from making the mold, it didn’t take that long.”
  Smith also made a cover for a 12V junction box above the fuse block. He filled the sockets full of dielectric grease and reinstalled the fuse box. Covers worked great and so did the shuttle.
  “The Deere mechanic charged my friend $300 after theorizing the intermittent problem was a wire grounding at random someplace,” says Smith. “If anyone else has this problem or just wants a cover Deere can’t provide, I’ll be glad to make them.”
  Smith says he would charge around $20 to make the covers. Since making his own, he has sold 4 sets to friends with a similar problem on Deere tractors.
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