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Giant Shop Crane Lifts 15 Tons
When Andy and Tony Mulvihill learned they’d have to spend at least $2,000 a year to rent a truck crane to switch out the dry and liquid tanks on their new Rogator, the brothers quickly decided to build a large A-frame crane to do the job.
    “Renting a truck crane costs $400 to $500 a pop,” says Andy, “and one isn’t always available when you need it. Having our own crane lets us make the switch ourselves whenever we need to.”
    The 24-ft. tall A-frame is 42 ft. wide and can lift a whopping 15 tons. The vertical upright beams are 10 by 10 in. by 3/8-in. thick tube steel. They’re supported by angled braces on each side made from 4 by 4-in. tube steel. Each of the uprights is welded to a tubular steel base that’s 4 in. by 10 in. by 5/8 in. thick. Both bases are bolted onto concrete slabs that are 2 ft. wide, 16 ft. long and 24 in. thick.
    We can also lift the front or the back of the Rogator to change from narrow wheels for spraying to wider wheels for lime and dry fertilizer application. It sure beats trying to raise it up with hydraulic or air jacks.”
    The Mulvihills built the crane tall and wide to suit their specific needs. The 42-ft. I-beam cross member is 24 in. deep, 3/4 in. thick, and has 12-in. flanges. It weighs more than 4,300 lbs. Six 1-in. bolts through the base flange at each end attach the cross beam onto the uprights through 2-ft. sq. by 5/8-in. thick plates. Lateral support is provided by angled gussets welded to the inside of the uprights and to the base of the cross beam. One of the uprights is also attached to the 14-in. thick concrete building foundation about 3 ft. above grade.
    The hoist is powered by a 5 hp electric motor that raises and lowers the load on a true vertical lift. The operator raises and lowers the cargo with a handheld remote.
    Andy says the cost for building the crane was somewhere around $4,500 and he figures it will pay for itself in about 2 1/2 years.
    Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Andy and Tony Mulvihill, 25789 Northfield Blvd., Hampton, Minn. 55031 (ph 651 226-3255).

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